New --- November 2023 - Super sorry for the long time in updating the website.  I noticed that my links were not opening up from the pdf document on my marble site link page and I had to change the document to a Google Docs as well with the marble shows document.  I finally updated the marble shows page with new shows and I will now try to keep this updated.  

I updated the Marbles Shows Page! Please continue to check out the Marble Shows Page with upcoming and new shows! Please email me with any new shows for 2024!  Marble Shows  (Updated document)

Facebook Groups and YouTube!  At one time only marble websites existed now I must encourage you to check out and join the many Facebook groups on marbles.  YouTube also offers many videos that you can search for marble information.   Check out my site link page for more information. Site Link Page 

~~Do you have a marble book that you recently published or think should be added to the Collectible Marble Books Page, feel free to email me at This page is one of my original pages on the website. Marble Books ~~ 


Great news, I had the chance to participate in Block's Marble Auctions!  What a wonderful experience as always, I encourage all collectors to purchase from Bob!  Check out my new additions to my collection :>)  Super, super, thank you Bob! Vitro Shooters Agates with parrots! Also, Tom Sawyer Vitro Bag. 

Favorite Collectible(s) from my personal collection.  This is a newly added feature to the site!  I will every now and then add a picture from my collection. 

This is an Otto Graham (quarterback of the Cleveland Browns) 1948-52 Exhibits  


Cool Sites: Marble Keeper and The Best Marble Activities | Facebook 

Great News!  Block's Marble Auctions are back!  I was a buyer of some marbles back in the early 2000's from Bob's Auctions.  Thank you so much for bringing the auctions back online!